Best Ai Art Generator
This image was generated with an Ai Art Generator.

Artificial intelligence has completely transformed several sectors, and the art world is undeniably one of them.

A thrilling development in this area is the invention of an AI art generator, a software program that utilizes machine learning algorithms to generate breathtaking artwork.


11 Best AI Art Generators are
Midjourney AI
Playground AI
Stable Diffusion by Stability AI
DALL E-2 by OpenAI
Nightcafe Creator
Jasper AI
Deep Dream Generator
Niji Journey

Here in this blog are 11 of the most remarkable artificial intelligence art generators on the market today – perfect for creating captivating digital artwork within seconds and we mean that literally.

What are the Best AI Art Generator Tools?

There are many AI art generator tools available that can help artists and designers create unique, visually stunning artwork.

The best ai art generator tools include Midjourney AI, Playground AI, Stable Diffusion by Stability AI, DALL E-2 by OpenAI, Nightcafe Creator, Jasper AI, Deep Dream Generator, Niji Journey, NovelAI, Artbreeder and Fotor.

Overall, the best AI art generator tool will depend on an artist or designer’s specific image creation and art styles.

It’s important to carefully research and evaluate the different options available to find the one that is the best fit.

1. Midjourney

Best for High-quality images

Source : Midjourney AI


MidJourney is a popular yet exclusive AI art generator that will astound you if accepted. Access to this amazing tool requires applying to it’s beta version in Discord or website (which leads you to their discord.)

Once granted entry, an invitation to its Discord server will be accorded where users can interact with the tool itself – however before doing so it’s wise to have a glance at what others have made using it!

Key Benefits

  • Generate art with text-to-image or image-image prompts
  • Jaw-dropping photorealistic images
  • Generated images are always saved
  • Has free credits so you can test its art generation
  • Generated are public so you can learn from the community

Overall Rating:

4.7 / 5


Midjourney AI art generator has 3 pricing models



Plan Highlight

Save with annual billing (20% off)

Basic includes:

  • Limited generations (~200 / month)
  • General commercial terms
  • Access to member gallery
  • Optional credit top ups
  • 3 concurrent fast jobs



Plan Highlight

Save with annual billing (20% off)

Standard includes:

  • 15 Fast hours generations
  • Unlimited Relaxed generations
  • General commercial terms
  • Access to members gallery
  • Optional credit top ups
  • 3 concurrent fast jobs



Plan Highlight

Save with annual billing (20% off)

Premium includes:

  • 30h Fast hours generations
  • Unlimited Relaxed generations
  • General commercial terms
  • Access to members gallery
  • Optional credit top ups
  • Stealth image generation
  • 12 concurrent fast jobs
  • Plan Featured Item

Wrap Up

The detail and craftsmanship behind MidJourney’s images is unlike anything you have ever seen. It stands out from traditional AI generated software due to its ability to create imagery that looks indistinguishable from a real artist’s work. This truly sets it apart, offering an unparalleled level of quality for those looking for something unique!

In a competition among real artists, MidJourney emerged triumphant (read about it here)- proving that it is the only tool here capable of surpassing even professional levels of artistic skill.

Needless to say, Midjourney is a pretty cool AI company that focuses its efforts on AI art, and with that comes inspiration for the artist.

By no surprise, this is why it made number 1 on our list.

Is Midjourney free?

They currently do have a free service but because of the misuse of the discord app they might consider stop the free service. Stay up to date here.

It offers a trial period for users to test out the features and explore the possibilities of AI art.

After that, users can purchase a paid subscription to access more features and exclusive visuals.

How do I get access to Midjourney?

You can get access to Midjourney through their official website. First, you need to create an account and select a plan that suits your needs.

You can also access the Midjourney vai, a mobile app for Android and iOS devices but must use their discord chat to generate images.

How much does Midjourney AI cost?

The company offers several plans to fit your needs, from basic plans suitable for occasional users to premium plans designed for professional artists.

Its basic plan costs only $10 per month and offers access to all the features and exclusive visuals.

The premium plan costs $30 per month, giving you access to a wide range of additional features and visuals.

Large enterprises can also work with Midjourney to create custom plans tailored to their needs. The price of this plan is about $600 per month.

Here you can check out their subscription plans, click here.

How to use Midjourney?

Using Midjourney is easy and intuitive.

You can quickly get started with its automated processes and features, such as blending two images to create a new one.

You can also access a wide range of visuals and features, such as advanced options for adjusting the size and resolution of images or adding filters, layers, and effects.

Can I use Midjourney without Discord?

Midjourney requires users to have a Discord account to use their services. Discord is necessary even if you are on your trial period.

What is the best free AI art generator?

There are many AI art generators available, both free and paid. Some of the best free options include Artbreeder, DeepArt, and Pixol.

Each of these generators has different features and visuals, so it is essential to research each before making a decision.

What are “Fast Hours”?

Midjourney platform presents two different approaches to creating images – ?fast? and ?relaxed.? The fast mode quickly grants access to a GPU in order to produce the desired results with efficiency.

Midjourney’s Relax tier is our priority processing line, and it comes with a cost. Those who opt to use the relax mode will be placed in a queue behind those that have used the system most often in this same capacity.

The basic plan provides a generous 200 GPU minutes per month, while the Standard and Pro plans are equipped with 15 and 30 fast GPU-hours/mo respectively.

On average, you can expect to generate approximately 60 images and execute around 200 image variation commands in one hour.
These figures are provisional and Midjourney’s decision may fluctuate at any moment.

What is unlimited relaxed generation?

The standard and pro plans include relax mode, which can be easily enabled with the command `/relax`, or disabled with `/fast`.

When this setting is active, your image generations will not use fast time. Relax mode makes it simple to manage your images without any additional stress or consuming your precious fast hours!

Please note: The Basic Plan does not offer the luxury of Relax Mode or ‘Max Upscale.’ Therefore, if you are looking to take advantage of these features, you must upgrade to a different plan.

What is the Community Gallery?

The Gallery is the go-to destination for all paid members, where they can discover stunning images generated on our platform and easily store their own photos, favorite finds, and more.

What if I don’t want my images to appear in the Gallery?

Midjourney is constructing a friendly and inviting community that encourages everyone to participate in collective exploration.

If you prefer being private-by-default, rather than open-by-default, simply sign up for our $60/month pro plan and activate stealth generation with the `/stealth` command!

That way you will remain anonymous while still enjoying all the benefits of engaging with Midjourney vibrant community.

How does commercial use work?

Once you’re a part of their subscription, feel free to use your images in any way that suits you.
For more details please see Midjourney’s terms of service.

2. Playground AI

Quality Images and Midjourney Best Competitor

Source : Playground AI


Playground AI is a software that rivals Midjourney, but it takes customization to the extreme. By leveraging Stable Diffusion’s Open API, its developer has been able to pre-fine tune image styles for optimal results and user experience.

Midjourney was a breeze to use, and Playground AI takes the experience to another level entirely. This software guides you through their creation process step by step with an incredibly user-friendly web dashboard.

Key Benefits

  • Generate art with text-to-image or image-image prompts.
  • Similar stunning result for images as Midjourney
  • Cheaper than Midjourney AI
  • Have both web UI and Discord
  • Has free trial and cheaper than Midjourney

Overall Rating:

4.6 / 5


Playground AI art generator has 3 pricing models.



Free includes:

  • Create 1,000 images per day
  • Use images commercially

Pro Plan


Pro includes:

  • Create 2,000 images per day with Stable Diffusion
  • No waiting
  • No limits on image dimensions up to 1M pixels
  • No limits on quality and details (steps)
  • Faster image generation
  • Priority customer support
  • Permanent Private mode

Dall E-2 Add-on


Add-on includes:

  • 800 DALL E images per month for $10 (no rollover)
  • Buy up to 8,000 DALL E images per month (no rollover)
  • Cheapest option to create DALL E images
  • No watermark

Wrap Up

Playground AI is an AI image generator that provides users with a variety of features to create stunning curated styles and high-quality images.

All images created using Playground AI are owned by the user and have no expiration date. The platform also uses Stable Diffusion models 1.5 and 2.1 (beta) to generate unique visuals based on user prompts.

Additionally, Playground AI provides dedicated customer support along with monthly discounts and incentives for their paid plans.

The extremely user-friendly dashboard, creation process, and curated image styles is why AI creators are calling it the Midjourney fierce competitor and best alternative.

Where can I get general customer support?

If you need assistance, head to the drop-down menu next to your avatar and select “Request Help” for support. You can also reach out in the feedback channel on our Discord.

Are there any tutorials on how to generate images on Playground AI?

How does copyright work? Do I own the images I create?

Yes, per Playground AI terms of service: “(ii) you own all Assets you create with the Services and (iii) we hereby assign to you all rights, title and interest in and to such Assets for your personal or commercial use.?

How does Playground AI pricing work?

Playground AI provides three distinct pricing tiers?Free, Pro, and Dall-E 2 Pro. For additional information, please click here.

Free plan, you can generate up to 1,000 images in a single day and have the capability to create one image at a time. Additionally, this plan allows for Stable Diffusion only, not Dall-E 2.

Pro plan, $15/month and you will benefit from 2,000 images every day with fewer rate limits. You also won’t experience any restrictions in terms of quality and detail (steps) as well as priority customer support. With the Pro Plan you can enjoy Stable Diffusion, not Dall-E 2.

Dall-E 2 add on allows you to generate 800 Dall-E 2 images/month for $10/month. The plan can be purchased in increments of 800 images/month, with a max of 8,000 images/month. It does not include Pro features.

Can I pay through other means besides credit card (e.g., Paypal)?

At the moment, Playground AI only accepts credit cards as a payment option. However, if you’re hoping for another form of payment to be available in the future, please let Playground AI know on our Discord feedback channel or reach out by clicking the Request Help button next to your profile icon and making your request there.

Will you keep image generation free?

At Playground AI, their goal is to enable users to generate as many images as possible for the lowest cost. However, pricing limits may change over time. We are dedicated to providing a quality product experience and offering powerful tools for creating images that will provide lasting value.

Do incomplete generations count against my limits?

Incomplete generations are not counted whatsoever.

When does the 1k limit reset for free accounts?

A rolling window is employed to dispense free images, so instead of receiving a bulk of 1k pictures after 24 hours, they are gradually dispatched depending on when you initiated the download process from the previous day.

I’m using Stable Diffusion 1024×1024 and seeing repeated characters, how do I make that stop?

Due to initial training on 512×512, Stable Diffusion is inclined to duplicate characters/parts of the image when utilized at 1024×1024. Playground AI is presently teaching a model for this resolution as well, but it could take some time before Playground AI can integrate it into their platform.

Do images I generate have an expiration date before they get deleted?

No, they don?t have an expiration date.

Where can I request help creating an image prompt?

Join their Discord and explore the prompt-exploration or community-help channels. Here, you can gain insights from a diverse range of individuals and receive assistance with any questions that arise along your ai art creation.

Which Stable Diffusion model(s) do you use?

1.5 and 2.1

3. Stable Diffusion by Stability AI

Best known for its open-source API.

Source : Stable Diffusion


Stable Diffusion is the text-to-image and image-to-image model that allows billions of users to produce stunning results at lightning speed.

The process of image generation was broken down into a diffusion procedure that commences with noise.

The quality of the generated picture is then methodically improved until there’s no more discernible sound and it precisely reflects what was expressed in text or image.

Key Benefits

  • Install locally on your computer to use (need to be a bit more techy to get going)
  • Other websites use their API for services like Huggingface
  • Versatile because of its open-source code
  • Custom-train your datasets to generate your image style

Overall Rating:

4.5 / 5


Stable Diffusion ai art generator is an open source software but setting takes some advance tech knowledge.

Open Source


Stable Diffusion is FREE!

Sidenote: Stability AI released a paid version called Dreamstudio using SD API.

You can test and demo Stable Diffusion here on Hugging Face and download if you have a powerful PC.


Wrap Up

Stable Diffusion is a form of diffusion model that was first introduced in 2015 and uses the objective of removing successive applications of Gaussian noise to training images.

This AI art generator is highly advanced in terms of its technical and prompting abilities, yet once mastered it produces results of unparalleled accuracy.

This innovative technology has been utilized for creating detailed images conditioned on text descriptions, as well as other sophisticated tasks such as inpainting, outpainting and image-to-image translations guided by a prompt.

By utilizing Stable Diffusion’s denoising autoencoders one can achieve impressive results quickly and efficiently!

What was the Stable Diffusion trained on?

The foundation was the 2b English language title subset from LAION 5b, a comprehensive crawl of the web created by German non-profit organization LAION.

The Computer Vision crew at Heidelberg University trained this model in accordance with Germany’s regulations and legislation.

No specific group or individual had been excluded or included when compiling this dataset.

Can artists opt-out to include their work in the training data?

LAION 5b model data does not comprise of an opt-in or opt-out system. It was designed to give a general overview of the intricate language-image connection that is present in the web.

In order for other models to be developed, Stability AI will be developing an opt-in and opt-out system specifically tailored for artists, influencers and those associated with leading organizations.

This particular model continues to learn from principles so that outputs may never match any single work directly but still retain its original creativity.

What is the copyright for using Stable Diffusion generated images?

SD stance on AI-generated images and securing copyright protection is a challenging task, as laws may differ across different jurisdictions.

Will I need to know how to code to run Stable DIffusion locally?

No, you’ll need to be at ease with a computer.

You should install and follow the instructions given by the open-source community while using any software needed.

Download here.

Reach out on Discord in order to find guides compiled by members of this particular community about how best to locally run SD onto your computers.

What kinds of GPUs will be able to run SD, and at what settings?

If you want to take full advantage of ROCm 5.0, then make sure your NVidia GPU has 6GB or more memory and 512 x 512 AMD support– opt for their 6xxxx line cards in this case.

4. DALL E-2 by OpenAI

Best for generating original and realistic images or art.

Source : Dalle2


DALL-E 2 by OpenAI is a revolutionary new AI-powered system designed to create original, realistic images and artworks from natural language descriptions.

By combining various concepts and features, it can expand the canvas beyond the original to create beautiful compositions.

Additionally, this tool is capable of making realistic modifications based on text captions while considering shadows, reflections, and textures – all in one place!

Key Benefits

  • Uses language modeling
  • Has the most varied and complex pricing models
  • Can add more content to the existing generated ai image
  • Creates hype-realistic photos very well
  • Has inpainting and outpainting

Overall Rating:

4.5 / 5


Dalle 2 has 4 pricing models and it can be quite confusing if you’re new to this ai image space. But here’s the breakdown.

Image Models

Create unique artwork and stories right within apps to craft captivating visuals and narratives

  • Resolution-1024×1024 per $0.020/image
  • Resolution-512×512 per $0.018/image
  • Resolution-256×256 per $0.016/image

Base Language Models

Ada is designed to be lightning-fast while Davinci provides maximum power. Tokens are used as pieces that make up words – 1,000 tokens equal approximately 750 words – and prices are based on per thousand token usage.

  • Ada-Fastest at $0.0004/1k tokens
  • Babbage- at $0.0005/1k tokens
  • Curie-at $0.0020/1k tokens
  • Davinci-Most powerful at $0.0200/1k tokens

Fine-tuned Language Models

Tailor your models by fine-tuning our base ones with your training data. Once you’ve customized a model, only the tokens used in requests to that specific model will be invoiced.

  • Ada- Training at $0.0004/1k tokens – Usage at $0.0016/1k tokens
  • Babbage- Training at $0.0006/1k tokens – Usage at $0.0024/1k tokens
  • Curie-Training at $0.0030/1k tokens – Usage at $0.0120/1k tokens
  • Davinci-Training at $0.0300/1k tokens – Usage at $0.1200/1k tokens

Embedding Language Models

 Unlock new opportunities for exploration and discovery with our advanced search, clustering, topic modeling, and classification functionality powered by embeddings.

Wrap Up

DALL-E is an extraordinary transformer language model which takes both text and image as one single data stream containing up to 1280 tokens.

It is trained with maximum likelihood, allowing it to produce each token individually in a seamless sequence.

DALL-E is an incredibly powerful tool that not only creates images from scratch in response to a text prompt, but also can seamlessly regenerate any rectangular region of an existing image extending all the way to its bottom-right corner.

DALL-E 2 has learned to recognize the connection between pictures and text. It utilizes a technique known as “diffusion” to achieve this, beginning with random dots and gradually adjusting that pattern into an image when it detects specific features of the picture.

What’s a token?

Tokens can be thought of as individual components used in natural language processing. For English text, a token is usually composed of 4 characters or 0.75 words. As an example, the entire collection of Shakespeare’s works contains 1.2 million tokens or around 900,000 words.

To learn more about how tokens work and estimate your usage?
– Test out our innovative Tokenizer tool and explore its capabilities.
– Log into your account and begin entering text in the Playground to get started.

Which model should you use?

While Davinci is usually the most robust, other models are even more efficient and economical at some tasks.

Take Curie for instance- it can execute a lot of the same functions as Davinci but much faster and with only 1/10th of its cost!

Developers should try them out to figure out which model best meets their needs; take a look at DALL E-2 documentation for an in-depth comparison between models.

How will you know how many tokens you’ve used each month?

Log into your account to gain access to the usage tracking dashboard and get a glimpse at how many tokens you have used throughout this billing cycle, as well as in prior periods.

How can you manage your spending?

You have the option to configure a hard limit within your billing settings, which will result in DALL E-2 ceasing all requests after that point.

Alternatively, you can establish a soft limit so that an email alert is generated when usage exceeds a certain threshold.

5. Nightcafe Creator

Best known for its ease to use and has it’s own app.



NightCafe Creator allows you to create AI art like never before. With neural style transfer, turn any of your photos into a masterpiece.

Text-to-image AI even allows you to make something from nothing but a text prompt.

The NightCafe Creator team was thrilled to include VQGAN+CLIP, the amazing text-to-image art generation method, in their offering.

Compared to its previous alternatives which were already quite impressive but not sufficiently captivating – VQGAN+CLIP proved an order of magnitude more exceptional and quickly became the app’s most favored creation process.

Key Benefits

  • VQGAN+CLIP Art Generator
  • Has competitors ai art generation tools like Stable Diffusion & DALL E-2 on their website
  • Ease to use interface
  • Can create NFT(s)
  • Can order and print out you own art

Overall Rating:

4.4 / 5


Nightcafe Creator has 3 pricing models



Generates 400 images ($0.08 Credit)



Generates 800 images ($0.05 Credit)



Generates 2000+ images ($0.04 Credit)



Generates 4000+ images
($0.038 Credit)



Generates 10,000+ images
($0.032 Credit)



Generates 40,000+ images
($0.03 Credit)

Wrap Up

With NightCafe Creator, you can use AI technology to turn your picture into a work of art with neural style transfer or create artwork from just a text prompt through text-to-image AI.

Whatever creations come out are yours and totally in accordance with copyright laws wherever you may be.

This free application is available online and compatible with Android and iOS phones, so you can instantly access it on your home screen.

With endless possibilities for creation at your fingertips, this remarkable tool will revolutionize how you create art.

Does it cost money to use NightCafe Creator?

Yes, however, you can produce a maximum of 5 pieces of artwork each day at no cost!

You may also accumulate credits through community participation.

However, you will only have to pay if you would like one of your designs printed or for extended use of the creator platform.

Does NightCafe Creator have any unique features?

Yes! NightCafe Creator boasts an array of powerful tools that are unparalleled with any other AI Art application.

Multi-style images, bulk creation and download capabilities, custom seeds and more.

What AI art algorithms does NightCafe use?

NightCafe is the ultimate destination for stunning, AI-generated art.

Their proprietary generator utilizes three distinct algorithms – Neural Style Transfer, VQGAN+CLIP and CLIP-Guided Diffusion ? to create enticing images from nothing but your imagination!


VQGAN and CLIP are advanced machine learning algorithms that collaborate to transport a text prompt into art.

VQGAN produces the images while CLIP judges how accurate each image is compared with the given description.

Each time it evaluates an image, CLIP provides helpful feedback on improvements for VQGAN to make in order to more accurately replicate your desired outcome.

With this loop of coordination transpiring several hundred times, you can expect exceptional results!

What platforms does NightCafe Creator work on?

NightCafe Creator is compatible with any web browser, as well as on all iOS and Android phones/tablets — simply add it to your device’s home screen for easy accessibility!

Do I own the artworks I create?

Yes! As the creator, when you own (or have permission to use) original assets, we ensure that all Copyright assignments are appropriately transferred over to you.

To confirm your rights and entitlements in this situation, make sure you are familiar with any applicable laws within your country.

Although AI-generated art is still advancing rapidly, some countries may not recognize it as having valid Copyright ownership at all.

6. Jasper AI

Best all-in-one AI art generator tool, especially for blogging.

Screely 1674933587523
Source : Jasper AI ART


Mostly known for it’s writing capabilities.

However, Jasper AI is also a comprehensive ai art generator platform that provides a range of customizable options for artists to quickly create artwork with a few simple clicks.

As a powerful all-in-one ai art generator tool, it can generate a variety of styles and designs using a combination of advanced ai algorithm technology.

With advanced tools and customization options, such as multi-style images, bulk creation, and download capabilities, custom seeds, and more, Jasper AI is a comprehensive ai art tool that can help you escalate your blogging session meanwhile unlocking your creative potential.

Key Benefits

  • Easy to use
  • Have support chat
  • Image generation with context to written content
  • Create art in multiple languages NOT just English prompts.
  • Takes only 10 seconds to turn out your text prompt into a unique image
  • Already part of your writing flow when you can generate images as you’re writing

Overall Rating:

4.2 / 5


Jasper AI art generator has only 1 pricing model.

AI Art Generator


Per Users

or $200 a year annually.

Wrap Up

Jasper Art brings your creative visions to life – from photorealistic images to cartoon-style photos and beyond.

All you have to do is give the tool some text input and it will transform that into a unique piece of art.

Jasper Art is perfect for when you’re tired of using the same old stock images on your blog posts.

It doesn’t just apply to blogging or articles – it can also be used to create an eye-catching print for any t-shirt design.

How many images can I generate each month?

There’s no limit to the number of image generations you can get with Jasper AI Art Generator!

Are there any restrictions on what I can generate?

Jasper AI Art Generator’s content filter eliminates any text that may be deemed too graphic or controversial. The filter analyzes not just the literal words within your prompt, but also evaluates its overall intent.

Although you have a harmless prompt, it is possible for the AI to detect there could possibly be an issue with what may result from it ? triggering this particular filter.

Does Art have a free trial?

Absolutely! Jasper Art offers an extraordinary 5-day free trial period in which you can generate up to 200 images.

Can we use the images on our site/blogs?

Yes! The images you create with Art can be used on blogs, websites, for creative, etc. 

Please know that you are responsible for the content you post including its legality, reliability, and appropriateness.

Art should be celebrated as a platform for creative expression, however, please remember to honor the intellectual property of others when designing visuals.

Jasper strongly believes in respecting copyright and asks that you keep this in mind while using our Art. To learn more about the usage of our artwork for commercial purposes, please take a look here

Who owns the images Jasper AI Art Generator creates?

Presently, all images are under the Creative Commons license.

Feel free to use the images for any purpose, but just be aware that others might also have access to them.

The AI art generation technology is an exhilarating, ever-evolving field – and the associated legal implications are shifting just as quickly.

Please read more about using Jasper Art for commercial use here

What’s the image resolution and are there resizing options?

Jasper standard image resolution is 512 x 512, yet you can now take it to a whole new level and upscale your pictures by 2x (1024 x 1024) or even 4x (2048 x 2048).

Make an impact on any project using our upgraded picture quality feature.

Is there anything I’m not allowed to ask Jasper to create with Art?

Jasper AI Art Generator does have a content filter.

The filter has been designed to recognize any generated content that may be deemed inappropriate or dangerous.

As image generation is a relatively new technology, our system has been programmed to be extra cautious.

If you encounter an issue, adjust the words in your input to generate a new image and try again.

Read more about our content filter here

7. Deep Dream Generator

Best AI art generator for various art styles.



Deep Dream employs AI-driven neural networks to create visuals from existing images.

The ai art generator is educated with millions of pictures utilizing cutting-edge algorithms and techniques, so all you have to do is upload an image and wait for the output in a few seconds.

With Deep Dream, you have the autonomy to craft unique digital artworks by utilizing AI.

This platform enables you to pick from a selection of categories such as animals and landscapes before generating an original picture with your desired style – that can be deep style, thin style or even Deep Dream itself.

Key Benefits

  • Generate realistic images from input images using artificial intelligence
  • The main use of this ai image generator tool is creating digital art
  • AI art generator tool trained by millions of images
  • Easy-to-use dashboard
  • Have three exceptional styles to choose from: Text 2 Dream, Deep Style and Deep Dream.

Overall Rating:

4 / 5


Deep Dream Generator has 3 pricing models.




  • Energy – 120
  • Recharging – 12 / Hour
  • Storage – 20 GB
  • Resolution – Full HD (2.1 MP)




  • Energy – 250
  • Recharging – 18 / Hour
  • Storage – 50 GB
  • Resolution – Quad HD+ (5MP)




  • Energy – 750
  • Recharging – 60 / Hour
  • Storage – 200 GB
  • Resolution – Quad HD+ (5MP)

Wrap Up

Deep Dream Generator is like a magic lamp for your artistic styles desires.

With only slight input, you can expect to be amazed by the high-quality and exclusive images that magically appear.

It has been crafted with years of research into algorithms as well as an effortless user experience; making it fun and easy for all users.

To get the best results from this tool, make sure that you experiment with different artistic styles.

How does energy work?

Depending on the plan you select, your account is credited with a set number of energy points.
Generating an image takes up some of these points; higher-resolution images consume more than lower-resolution ones.
Fortunately, each hour those used-up points are replenished until they reach their original amount once again.
Example: If you have 50 energy points in the Professional plan, then you can process 10 images at medium resolution (e.g., 0.6MP) or 16 pictures with low resolution (such as 0.36MP).
These used-up points will be replenished within 3 hours.
Processing of one image will use:
Resolution: Text 2 Dream
Default: 5
1MP: 10
2MP: 15
5MP: 25
Resolution: Deep Style
0.36MP: 3
0.6MP: 5
HD 1.2MP: 12
Full HD 2.1MP: 32
Quad HD+ 5MP: 80
Resolution: Deep Dream
0.36MP: N/A
0.6MP: 2
HD 1.2MP: 4
Full HD 2.1MP: 8
Quad HD+ 5MP: 20

Does Deep Dream support batch processing or an option to buy energy?

Yes. However, it currently requires a manual approach.

If you’d like to make an order, their contact email is

Batch processing: Simplify the process of manipulating your images by packaging them up into a ZIP and outlining specific settings/styles for our professionals.

Once their post-processing is complete, you’ll receive an email with a link to download the finalized product in a convenient ZIP file.

Contact Deep Dream for pricing info.

Energy packs: They sell those at $50 for?2500 energy points. It also unlocks the high resolutions.

What is “Recharging”?

Recharging your energy points is effortless, just like what you do to revive the battery of your phone or laptop.

The speed at which they will be replenished depends on the package that you have chosen.

Example: The “ADVANCED” plan will give you?12 energy points every hour until your energy is full at 120 points.

What is “Resolution”?

The highest resolution possible for the output image is measured in Mega Pixels (MP).

1 MP equates to an image of one million pixels, such as a 1000px by 1000px picture.

Who owns digital art?

You do, however, if you want to use the output photos for commercial purposes, make sure that you possess the rights on both your input pictures and style images (for Deep Style tool).

If you decide to make a result image public on the website, Deep Dream keep the right to share it in different places on the website and on our social networks (e.g. Instagram or Facebook).

8. Niji Journey

The upcoming Anime AI Art Generator by Spellbook and Midjourney.

Source : NiJi Journey AI


Niji Journey is an ai art generator created from a combined effort by Midjourney and Spellbrush, the developers of Waifulabs–the pioneering AI anime creator.

Midjourney users can activate the Niji Journey model by simply typing in the –niji command, allowing them to experience a whole new level of anime-style generations.

Not only does Niji Journey provide more accurate results than Midjourney for any anime related task; it even outperforms Midjourney at several non-anime tasks as well.

There is also a separate bot exclusively for Niji Journey, if you want to convenience of having separate bots for separate models.

Key Benefits

  • Easy to use
  • Have support chat
  • Image generation with context to written content
  • Create art in multiple languages NOT just English prompts.
  • Takes only 10 seconds to turn out your text prompt into a unique image
  • Already part of your writing flow when you can generate images as you’re writing

Overall Rating:

4.7 / 5


Subscription and cost for Niji Journey AI Art Generator are identical to Midjourney. You get access to both!



Plan Highlight

Save with annual billing (20% off)

Basic includes:

  • Limited generations (~200 / month)
  • General commercial terms
  • Access to member gallery
  • Optional credit top ups
  • 3 concurrent fast jobs



Plan Highlight

Save with annual billing (20% off)

Standard includes:

  • 15 Fast hours generations
  • Unlimited Relaxed generations
  • General commercial terms
  • Access to members gallery
  • Optional credit top ups
  • 3 concurrent fast jobs



Plan Highlight

Save with annual billing (20% off)

Premium includes:

  • 30h Fast hours generations
  • Unlimited Relaxed generations
  • General commercial terms
  • Access to members gallery
  • Optional credit top ups
  • Stealth image generation
  • 12 concurrent fast jobs
  • Plan Featured Item

Wrap Up

If you’re an enthusiast of manga or anime, Niji Journey is the ideal instrument to make your creative visions graspable. No other image generator offers such a vivid and tangible output as Niji Journey does.

If you’re after a straightforward and simple way to craft an amazing anime character, then Niji Journey AI Image Generator is the ideal choice for you.

You can check out Niji Journey website or their Discord channel.

When will Niji Journey launch publicly?

Now it’s live!  This prompt -niji will activate your Midjourney Account if you have one. Join their discord if you are not already a member.

Can I DM the Niji Journey Bot?

Yes, Once you’ve accessed their discord server. Get in touch with the bot (a subscription plan is required)

Can I add the Niji Journey Bot to my own server, just like the Midjourney Bot?

Yes, of course!

Does Niji Journey consume my Midjourney fast hours?

Yes, there is no difference in the fast hours between the tools. To find out how many fast hours you have left, send the “/info” command to either the Niji Journey bot or the Midjourney bot.

Does Niji Journey share the same settings as Midjourney?

Yes, The tools have the same settings.

How to gain access to Niji Journey?

You can type /settings to change your Midjourney bot to Niji Mode, which is the same as using the –niji command.
Here is the link to their official website,

9. NovelAI

Best anime character style generated art currently in the market.

Source : NovelAI


NovelAI is a monthly subscription service for AI-assisted authorship, storytelling, virtual companionship, or simply a GPT powered sandbox for your imagination.

NovelAI leverages artificial intelligence algorithms to generate writing that could be mistaken for human creation, allowing anyone – regardless of skill level – to craft high-caliber literature.

With NovelAI, you get to explore the far reaches of Natural Language Processing with unparalleled autonomy. AI models are intricately crafted and trained on real literature, allowing for effortless adaptation to your ideas and perspectives.

You can now use our NLP playground freely and express yourself in ways never before possible.

Key Benefits

Overall Rating:

4.3 / 5


To use NovelAI ai art generator and has 1 FREE Trial and 3 pricing models.


Access to Euterpe, our Second Best AI Storyteller, including Calliope and Sigurd


  • 100 Free Text Generations
  • 2047 Tokens of Memory
    (That’s about ~8192 characters that the AI can remember.)
  • Extra Goodies: 100 Free AI TTS Generations
    (Bring your stories to life with the soothing sound of our generated TTS voices.)



Access to Euterpe, our Second Best AI Storyteller, including Calliope and Sigurd


  • Unlimited Text Generations
  • 1024 Tokens of Memory
    (That’s about ~4096 characters that the AI can remember.)
  • Extra Goodies
  • 1000 Anlas
    (Refilled every month. Currency for Custom AI Module training and image Generation.)
  • Advanced AI TTS (Bring your stories to life with the soothing sound of our generated TTS voices.)
  • Image Generation (Access to our advanced image generation models.)



Access to Euterpe, our Second Best AI Storyteller, including Calliope and Sigurd


  • Unlimited Text Generations
  • 2048 Tokens of Memory
    (That’s about ~8192 characters that the AI can remember.)
  • Extra Goodies
  • 1000 Anlas
    (Refilled every month. Currency for Custom AI Module training and image Generation.)
  • Advanced AI TTS (Bring your stories to life with the soothing sound of our generated TTS voices.)
  • Image Generation (Access to our advanced image generation models.)



Access to Krake, our Best AI Storyteller, including all our other AI Storytellers


  • Unlimited Text Generations
  • 2048 Tokens of Memory
    (That’s about ~8192 characters that the AI can remember.)
  • Extra Goodies
  • 10,000 Anlas
    (Refilled every month. Currency for Custom AI Module training and image Generation.)
  • Access to new Experimental Features (You’ll get access to the latest and coolest new stuff before everyone else.)
  • Advanced AI TTS (Bring your stories to life with the soothing sound of our generated TTS voices.)
  • Image Generation (Unlimited** normal and small sized generations.)

Wrap Up

NovelAI is a powerful AI art generator that can help creators bring their stories to life.

Unlike other ai art generators, NovelAI utilizes a combination of deep learning technologies and natural language processing to produce images that are on par with even the most intricate works of art.

Most creators use NovelAI for generating storylines, authorship, and various texts. However, their art generator gives shocking anime style results even better than top ai art generator tools like Midjouirney.

Are my generations stored?

No, none of your generated images are saved or stored; they exist only during the current session.

If you wish to keep these generations for later use, you must manually download them before refreshing the Image Generation page or leaving it altogether – otherwise those files will be gone forever.

Can anyone see what I generate? Do you keep track of my prompts, image uploads, drawings, or generations?

No, none of your requests, uploads, edits or generations are logged or stored on our side.

Does NovelAI ai art generator store img2img data such as my Uploaded Image or Canvas drawings?

When you upload an image, NovelAI encodes it as base64 text to generate a prompt – but your images are never stored on our servers.

Who holds the copyright of my generation? Can I monetize my generations?

By utilizing NovelAI, you retain all rights to the images created and absolve us from any legal responsibility for their usage beyond our platform.

NovelAI does not claim copyright protections or ownership of any files.

When creating images, you must remember to treat them as content. To ensure the safety and legality of your generated pictures for any application outside NovelAI, it is essential that you thoroughly research all guidelines beforehand.

I refreshed or left the Image Generation and now everything is gone! Why?

It is essential to save any material you’d like to keep, as your current sessions are temporary and will be eliminated upon closing.

Moreover, all of your history logs will then become empty. Ensure that you frequently save anything you want in a permanent state.

10. Artbreeder

Best for improving image quality.



Artbreeder is revolutionizing creativity by providing users with an advanced tool that enables collaboration and exploration.

What initially began as Ganbreeder, a research project to examine the impact of breeding and teamwork in high complexity spaces, has now transformed into Artbreeder – making art creation more accessible to the public.

Artbreeder is a project that was inspired by the research of Picbreeder and Facebook Graffiti, both of which showcased how clever exploration can drive optimization processes.

Artbreeder draws upon these two projects to demonstrate the creative power present in crowds. They also have their own ai art generator now.

Key Benefits

  • Supports JPG and PNG
  • Image quality enhancing capabilities
  • Generate landscapes, anime, and portraits
  • Generate a ton of variations of an ai image
  • Photo management capabilities for easy access

Overall Rating:

3.8 / 5


Artbreeder has 1 FREE Trial and 3 pricing models.



  • Unlimited Images
  • 3 Image Uploads
  • 5 High Res Downloads
  • 600 Animation Frames



  • Images:
    Unlimited Images,
    No waiting!
  • 80 Image Uploads
  • 200 High Res Downloads
  • Videos:
    3000 Animation Frames
  • Extras:
    Google Drive sync
  • Privacy controls
  • Custom Genes



  • Images:
    Unlimited Images,
    No waiting!
  • 300 Image Uploads
  • 800 High Res Downloads
  • Videos:
    10,000 Animation Frames
  • Extras:
    Google Drive sync
  • Privacy controls
  • Custom Genes



  • Images:
    Unlimited Images,
    No waiting!
  • Unlimited Image Uploads
  • Unlimited High Res Downloads
  • Videos:
    Unlimited Animation Frames
  • Extras:
    Google Drive sync
  • Privacy controls
  • Custom Genes

Wrap Up

Artbreeder is an AI-driven and machine learning powered tool that revolutionizes the way we create works of art.

From landscapes to portraits, anime figures, animations or illustrations Artbreeder helps you unleash your creativity in any direction imaginable.

Not only can you access thousands of available images but also store them with ease into folders hosted by the platform itself.

With its user-friendly approach, Artbreeder makes image creation and management more accessible than ever before.

Who owns the images?

All images provided by Artbreeder are public domain (CC0) and may be used for commercial purposes.
For optimal results, it is recommended that you cite the original URL of an image when utilizing or sharing something that resembles one from Artbreeder.
To guarantee that your photos are secure, subscribers have exclusive access to Private mode.

How does private mode work?

All images created in private mode are not and will never be shown or utilized by anyone.

When you terminate your subscription, the photos remain permanently hidden from view.

Are uploads for other image categories available?

Currently, uploads for the general category are unavailable.

11. Fotor AI

Previously was a website best known for photo editing. Now it has it’s own AI Art generator.



Fotor offers an innovative solution to all your photo editing needs, with a plethora of features that can enhance and edit images. Not only are there basic and advanced editing tools available, but also the option to apply various filters and effects or create collages from templates.

The software takes it even further by being equipped with AI-driven elements such as portrait retouching – which applies automatic adjustments for enhanced visuals – as well as scene recognition, enabling users to make accurate adjustments based on the context of photographs.

Fotor’s vast capabilities are conveniently accessible on both desktop and mobile devices, with the ability to download it directly from the Fotor website or through popular app stores.

Key Benefits

  • Subscribers get both the AI and the other services of
  • Account for both image sourcing and ai generated art
  • Dashboard for all separate design services from an AI art generator, design and photo editing
  • Have both web and app services

Overall Rating:

3.5 / 5


Fotor AI art generator has 1 FREE plan and 2 pricing models.


3 Days Trial

Basic includes:

  • Basic edit adjustments
  • Basic photo effects
  • Basic portrait touch up
  • Limited collage layouts
  • Limited design resources
  • Sync photos and works online to access anywhere
  • Support JPG and PNG file formats for download
  • High dynamic range (HDR) tech

Fotor Pro


$39.99 yr

Pro includes:

  • All advanced editing tools
  • 200+ Premium photo effects
  • Advanced beauty touch-up
  • 200+ Photo collage layouts
  • 100,000+ Templates & design resources
  • Sync photos and works online to access anywhere
  • Supports HD files for download and printing (JPG, PNG, PDF)
  • High dynamic range (HDR) tech
  • 100+ Photo frames
  • 300+ Stylish fonts
  • Massive storage in Fotor cloud
  • Ad-free
  • File management
  • Auto-resized designs1000 HD stock photos for personal and selling commercially

Fotor Pro+


$89.99 yr

Pro+ includes:

  • Standardizing and simplifying your brand identity with brand fonts, colors and logos
  • Upload your fonts
  • All advanced editing tools
  • 200+ Premium photo effects
  • Advanced beauty touch-up
  • 200+ Photo collage layouts
  • 100,000+ Templates & design resources
  • Sync photos and works online to access anywhere
  • Supports HD files for download and printing (JPG, PNG, PDF)
  • High dynamic range (HDR) tech
  • 100+ Photo frames
  • 300+ Stylish fonts
  • Massive storage in Fotor cloud
  • Ad-free
  • File management
  • Auto-resized designs1,000,000+ HD stock photos for personal and selling commercially
  • All new content such as stock photos, templates, stickers, fonts, and all design elements updated weekly
  • Priority email support

Wrap Up

Fotor is a powerful online photo editor that offers three different subscription plans. With the Pro+ plan, users can even tap into the power of commercialization for their AI-generated art.

The advanced editing tools available with each plan allow users to easily adjust contrast, brightness, tone, saturation, and more. You can also make basic adjustments such as cropping and rotating images, as well as add special effects like Pop Art or Cartoon filters.

In terms of templates and design resources, Fotor has over 100K available on its platform. Fotor supports JPG, PNG, PDF file formats for download and printing along with HDR tech for higher-quality images.

Additionally, you can easily convert an image into AI art by uploading it onto the site and choosing the desired filter while users subscribed to Pro+ can even sell their creations if they so choose!

How long does AI Image Creator to generate Pictures?

Fotor’s AI image generator has been diligently prepared for a long time. Powered by sophisticated AI algorithms and trained with thousands of images, it can generate an incredible picture within 10 seconds – the pinnacle of realism!

How do I convert an image to AI art?

Click the button ” AI Generate Image Now”.
Upload your image such as a beautiful selfie, or portrait.
Choose the popular art effect such as Pop art, Cartoon you prefer, and apply it to your image.

Can I create multiple images at once?

Yes, with Fotor’s AI drawing generator, you can create multiple images at once and then pick the one that best suits your needs.

What’s the Standard Image Size Supports?

Fotor’s AI Image Generator from text utilizes a size range of 512-2048 in width & length for this version. If you’re building a portrait image, please use the 1:1 ratio setting.
Alternatively, if you are creating landscape or science fiction images, make sure to set them up as vertical versions.

How to Generate AI Art Free?

Fotor’s AI Image Generator provides an accessible and free way to create high-quality artworks in seconds. All you have to do is click “Make Art Photo Now,” upload your photo, choose the desired filter, and voila – your amazing artwork will be ready!
With Fotor AI’s array of filters, users can easily transform any photograph into a stunning piece of art effortlessly.

Can I Sell AI Generated Art?

Yes. As a Fotor Pro+ subscriber, you can tap into the power of commercialization! This means that all art created with our AI art generator is yours to do as you please – even sell.

However, if you are currently on the free plan, while our filters are available to enhance your personal artwork and projects; they cannot be used with any sort of money-making intentions.

What are AI Generated Art and AI Art generator tools?

AI art generators are a new wave of tools that use Artificial Intelligence to create unique works of art.

These innovative tools leverage a combination of revolutionary algorithms and data sets to generate stunning images, designs, or videos that are perfect for any project.

Artificial Intelligence art generators bring a plethora of unthinkable avenues for creativity, from digital paintings and 3D models to animations and even music.

By leveraging the power of AI technology, these tools can produce results far beyond what traditional methods could achieve in a fraction of the time.

As AI art generators become more readily available and cost-effective, they have rapidly become a must-have tool for creators seeking to gain an upper hand over their competitors.

Art Generation with AI Art Generator Tools?

There are several ways to create art using AI art generator tools:

Using Pre-Trained AI Art Generators

If you are looking to create art that reflects a specific theme or aesthetic, many AI art generators have pre-trained models available for use.

All you need to do is provide the tool with an idea of what type of artwork you want and voila!

The generator will produce your desired image quickly and easily.

Training your own AI Art Generator

AI art generator provides you with the opportunity to craft your own model by utilizing a set of pictures as training data.

This involves providing the tool with a collection of images that represent the style or theme you want to generate, and the tool will use these images to learn how to create art that resembles the training data.

Combining AI with Traditional Art-making Tools

Another option is to use AI art generator tools in combination with traditional art-making tools, such as paint or drawing software.

This can involve using AI to generate initial sketches or compositions, which you can then refine and enhance using traditional art-making techniques.


We may receive affiliate compensation for some of the links below at no cost to you if you decide to purchase an item from a site we affiliate our brand with. You can read our affiliate disclosure in our privacy policy. This site is not intending to provide financial advice. This is for entertainment only.


Overall, ai art generators are fun and exciting for artists and designers to explore the creative potential of machine learning.

We have faith that while artificial intelligence will never supplant the capabilities of creative professionals, it has the power to dramatically accelerate their workflow and generate innovative new concepts. AI is an invaluable tool for sparking fresh insights and fun stimulating thought-provoking ideas.

Whether you want an oil painting-style portrait, stock photos for your blog or a piece of animated art that syncs to a song, there’s an ai art generator out there to suit your needs.

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